FEELING THANKFUL! November 24 2013

I am feeling especially thankful this holiday season.  I am blessed to have the best husband who keeps me sane and offers great company in the store this time of year.  And my boys, what can I say, "true love"!  I love listening to them try to learn "Frosty The Snowman" and for me and Will to re-learn the lyrics....  The boys both drifted off to sleep a moment ago, and I sent Will out to get me 3 cornets.  (2 are gone and I am slicing the last 1 up into 1 inch slices to make myself feel better)  We are hosting Thanksgiving for friends and family and are planning on frying 4 turkeys this year!  

I had 2 favorite customers come in today that have shopped with me since my old location.  They have seen me go from living upstairs from my store in a 1 bedroom apartment to having the 2 stores and 2 little boys.  I have watched their girls go from shopping for high school homecoming dresses to new college wardrobes.  So nice to see people that have believed in me from the start and have supported my vision.  Thank you!  After all, isn't that what this season is all about?  Gratitude and Believing.

So, thank you all for shopping local with us.  I hope we all continue to feel the magic this holiday season has to offer!